Thursday, June 2, 2011

Holiday yay !

Oh yeah finally holiday !
war's(exam larrr) over !
okay actually it's kinda late to say this but ..
who cares ? ;)

Wanna know about my holidaysss ?
Whatever cuz i'm still gonna tell ya ! ;)

Okay ,
I wake up ,
bath ,
eat ,
online ,
bath ,
eat ,
online ,
then I sleep .
interesting huh ? ==

I'm so boring during this holiday larrr ..
no traveling and not going anywhere .
actually i'm kinda lazy to hang out ,
but i don't wanna do da same thing everyday .
Is there any good suggestion bout what can i do at home ?

It's dinner time now and i haven't get my dinner yet .
Oh i forgot to mention ,
I order pizza for dinner these few days .

Okay i don't exactly know why i tell u guys about my dinner . ==
Now you see how boring i am .
I hope next week will get better ,
maybe i'll have some plans for myself .

Anyway ,
Hope you guys enjoy ur holiday larrr ;D