Thursday, February 24, 2011

Suffering ..

Hi bloggie ,
i came here to visit you cuz i'm too bored .
No school again ,
but i didn't feel like studying or anything ,
so here i am .

Okay guys ,
i know i always absent from school or leave early .
But this time ,
i sick for real .
I didn't mean that others are fake one larrr ..
but this time is really serious ,
fml .

Fever is not the worst ,
but if exam is around the corner ,
fml then .

I'm suffering these days ,
wondering when is gonna end ?
I hope the f*devil will gone asap ,
cuz head that heavy like this and brain that heat like this can't read at all .

Besides ,
friends are all rushing for their homework ady ,
okay let me explain this :
cuz we always didn't pay attention in class ,
and we didn't copy down the notes that the teacher given ,
so we have to rush all of 'em before exam cuz we had to pass up everytime before exam .

But for me ,
i don't even have those books yet ,
only have some empty books ,
fml again .

Lastly ,
some ''about me'' ..
f*subject that i hate the most : chinese english malay math economic business account ...
sobs .

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gong Hei Fat Choi ! :D

Hey guys !
I'm so lazy for my Korea & Hong Kong post ,
so ..
forget it ! x)

But here's a new year post .

I like New Year ,
you may ask why ?
Okay ,
cuz we don't need no school ,
no alarm early in da morning ,
extra money [ you know what i mean , that ang ang one ar ;) ]
and the most important ?
yup it's new clothes !

Okay ,
talk about new clothes ,
i really bought many ,
especially from top shop ,
even top man ;)
Top shop's stuff is so damn expensive ,
almost every single clothes cost us more than 100 for sure ,
so the price ..
thank you pappy mummy ! x)

Okay let's get to da ending ,

kinda lame ,
teehee ..