Saturday, July 10, 2010


Another outing day wiv babes ..

we went to Sunway Carnival again ..

plan to watch Eclipse but fully booked .. haiz ..

i thought we were early birds .. hahas ..

had our lunch at sushi king ..

i eat very little ..

loss of appetite i think ?

but Salmon Sashimi is the must eat .. hahas ..

after sushi we juz walk around there ..

plan to buy a b'day present for my cousin but dunno wat to buy ..

coz when i ask him wat he likes he told me M.A.T gold .. = =

at last i buy nothing ..

then we went for sing k session at amp square ..

luckily one of us brought her IC .. hahas ..

screaming n jumping like monkeys in the room ..

tats wat we do .. x)

happy time is always short ..

3 hours end wiv a blink of an eye ..

my fren's car come to fetch her so early ..

n i have to go back wiv her coz no one can fetch me home later ..

tat's the only drawback ..

i wish i can add more time ..

finally there's a conclusion for today :

not bad larr .. ;)

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