Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cameron .

Oh god my blog is so dusty ,
I got nothing to tell or I'm lazy ?
I guess it's the second one .

Here's a post about my Cameron trip ,
i came back from there last few days .

Luckily we stay for one night only ,
coz it's not fun at all ,
at least for me .

The only thing i can remember is strawberry ,
with chocolate topping .
Here's the picture :

looks juicy right ?
yup it tastes good .

And it took us hours to have our dinner ,
thanks to the stupid traffic jam ,
and some of the stupid cars .

Finally we end our day with bottles of Heineken ,
it's always the best ,
especially when you're moody .

Actually this is the first time i went to Cameron ,
and i'm not willing to go for a second time .
so don't jio me . ;)