Thursday, May 5, 2011


Tada !
I'm here to clean this dusty area !

Okay ,
actually i'll came here bcuz i'm too free during my pc lesson ,
i got nothing to do seriously .

Bad news again ,
it's WAR !!
means exam larr ..
it's like a war for me .

Take a look at my previous post ,
it's about exam too .
Means time flies ?
or i'm really that lazy to blog ?
( answer will be shown at the end of the post ;D )

Fkin hates exam ,
i mean it ,
freakin. x)

Every single words in those books drive me crazy ,
i don't wanna look at them at all ,
but i have to ,
stupid exam force me to ,
so ..
bo huat. = =

Actually exam's really bo good eh lu zai borrr ?!
waste our lovely tree ,
aiyayo ..
please love our earth la aduiii ..

I think i'm gonna end my post here ady ,
then wait for the second recess .

ans : lazy me.

1 comment:

  1. Same 2 u 'Fkin hates exam'~
    n hope u lucky in exam~